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Q: Why shouldn’t I just use a service like WIX?
A: Well WIX is a great way to have a website, but you still have to spend the time learning how to create a website with their platform. With our’s we do it all.


Q: How long will my website be up?
A: Your website will be up as long as you want it to be. We have secure hosting that guarantees up-time. Your website will be up until you no longer need it and cancel.


Q: What if I already have a website
A: When you have an existing website it can be left up or we can point that domain name to your new website with us. To do that we will provide the DNS settings or you can get us the registrar info (Godaddy Login) and we can point it to our server.


Q: How many pages come with my website
A: Your website will get 5 pages. They are most commonly. Home | About | Services | FAQ | Contact


Q: Can I make updates to my website?
A: Yes, We offer an admin area that will let you make changes to the content of your website but not the elements of the design. Once your website is up and active we send you login details to make updates. We can also take care of the updates for you with a management agreement.


Q: Is there a fee if I want to cancel.
A: No. There is no fee to cancel, however the $99 startup fee is non refundable 7 days after you sign up.


Q: Do you offer shopping carts for e-commerce if I want to sell online.
A: Yes. We offer additional features for your website. A shopping cart is not included in the promotional $99 Setup.


Q: How much does a Shopping Cart cost to add to my website.
A: The cost for a shopping cart is $299. However you will have to add the products or items you are selling. We provide video training on using our shopping cart.


Q: Is my site Secure?
A: We offer SSL site security for an additional fee of $99.


Q: What is SEO
A: SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of adding keyword rich content and external links to your website so search engines like google know what to rank your website for.


Q: How do I cancel?
A: To cancel simply use this form to submit a cancellation request.